15 STATES WITH CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY(in chronological order):

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(in chronological order):

Vermont has had Constitutional Carry since the nation’s founding in 1791 —
they never enacted any law banning the right to discreetly bear arms.

Montana enacted Constitutional Carry in 1991, for all areas
outside city limits (99.4% of the state by area, not by population), and is working on the rest.

Alaska enacted true Constitutional Carry in 2003.

Texas enacted Constitutional Carry “light” in 2007
as the “Motorist Protection Act,” freeing people to carry in their vehicles,
and to and from their vehicles and their homes, land or business (but not otherwise).

Arizona got full Constitutional Carry in 2010,
the third state with real Freedom To Carry (FTC),
coined the phrase Constitutional Carry to describe the new law,
and the sky has not fallen, despite desperate fears to the contrary.

Wyoming enacted Constitutional Carry, for state residents, in 2011.

Arkansas passed HB1700 (Act 746) on August 16, 2013 to get Constitutional Carry.

Kansas pushed Constitutional Carry through with widespread support in 2015.

West Virginia had to override the Governor’s veto to pass its law in early March 2016.

Idaho pushed it through and got it signed later in March 2016.

Mississippi succeeded in enacting Constitutional Carry in April 2016.

Missouri overrode a governor’s veto of SB656 to pass Constitutional Carry on 9/15/16, effective Jan. 1, 2017.

New Hampshire passed SB12 for Constitutional Carry on Feb. 22, 2017.

North Dakota passed HB1169 for Constitutional Carry and the governor signed it on March 23, 2017. (as of June 14, 2017)

Many states have some level or form of Constitutional Carry
for homes, businesses, land you own or lease, during sporting pursuits,
in vehicles — or in other situations with varying degrees or restrictions,
special conditions or rights-infringing red tape.

Every state had to endure the totally phony “BITS” scare tactic
(“Blood In The Streets”) from anti-rights bigots, misinformed police,
dishonest “news” media, left-wing idealogues, and hoplophobes
(people with a morbid fear of guns who need but don’t get treatment)
to enact this sound, reliable, proven public-safety policy.

Is your state next for Constitutional Carry?
Breathe the air of freedom!
Make it so


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